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My name is Sia Finoh, and I am contesting for the open seat in Prince George's County Council District 3. 

My decision to run for Prince George's County Council has three primary objectives.

  • Position Prince George's County into the 21st century with critical empowerment. 
  • Provide a passionate representation for the residents of Prince George's County. 
  • Work with stakeholders in creating economic opportunities that will bring jobs and employment.  


Together we can make a difference in District 3 and Prince George's County.


Our mission is to foster the right spirit to create a responsible and accountable government for all Prince George's County residents. Prince George's County citizens deserve a government that cares and caters to their everyday problems.

We will focus on safety, public services, employment, economic growth, and commerce.


Sia is the solution for more progress and sustainable growth in Prince George's County District 3. She will fight for the rights of mothers with special needs children, women's rights, children's rights, social justice, and social reform. Sia is the Councilwoman we need in District 3 to champion a culture of unity and cohesiveness, community development, and empowerment. Her plans are to:


  • Build a 21st-century government, business, and technology system in the county. 
  • Ensure that our senior citizens are safe by improving our public safety. 
  • Root out corruption in county zoning and other county business.  
  • Reinforce an educational system that enables students to go into skilled trades and skilled tech trades for high-paying jobs. 
  • Leverage economic development to empower constituents in the district.
  • Support renewable energy efforts to protect the environment.



 Why Sia Finoh for Prince George’s County Council

Sia Finoh is the right candidate for Prince George's County Council because she understands that technology, education, businesses, and non-profits generate jobs.

As someone who has a history of working with stakeholders, Sia understands that no matter who is in local government, they must be able to work with core stakeholders to solve the issues affecting the county.  


Sia would lower the tax burden for residents and businesses to spur actual economic development in the county. 

 Sia strongly believes in making Prince George's County more marketable and attractable to future events, conferences, and concerts by creating a marketing plan that can help the county grow both in the short and long term.  




 Together, we move. Together, we will win...

By Authority:FRIENDS OF SIA FINOH, Joanne Dixon, Treasurer

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